A complete guide to TallyDekho App

A Complete Guide to TallyDekho App

Are you a business owner struggling with financial data mismanagement? Tally is a comprehensive accounting management solution that helps the business manage various operations. From invoicing, inventory and accounts management, and much more, TallyDekho is the all-in-one solution for your tally-related requirements in business, thereby helping you to arrange and manage your data in a well-defined manner. 

For anyone looking for an economical yet smart tally solution, the first few questions that come into mind are: 

  • How to access tally on mobile? 
  • How to get a tally app for my business?
  • How to run tally on mobile?
  • How to see tally data on mobile? 

TallyDekho is the answer to all of them. A turnkey solution for all your accounting and financial needs. With easy access to Tally ERP 9 data on your mobile phone with 100% security and privacy. TallyDekho has built a completely customizable tally app for mobile to enable the user to get all the insights without being available at the office. 

Tally on Mobile
Tally on Mobile

The process to get started with a tally on mobile is super easy, conveniently applicable as per your business use case, view data analytics, and much more. Moreover, tally annual subscription charges vary from platform to platform with varied tally pricing, but TallyDekho offers the best and most pocket-friendly deal. In this blog, we’ll learn how to get started with tally and access the complete data of tally ERP 9 on mobile, and how TallyDekho can make your business operations easier and more manageable. 


Introduction to TallyDekho

So, the first question that pops into your mind is why you need a tally app for business. So many years have passed, and more than 140 countries have already accepted tally software as the most important and useful tool for accounting operations. However, over the years, the software has undergone numerous changes and updates, and currently, Tally ERP 9 is the latest version. 

Business owners and entrepreneurs often travel for business-related purposes, and keeping track of office operations is a big challenge. Always having a PC or desktop system with you is impossible, but it’s also imperative to simultaneously keep watch over operations. So understanding the utter need to have a solution to this challenge, TallyDekho has been designed. 

It’s a  360° tally solution – a mobile and desktop application that helps you to have complete access to Tally ERP 9 data with full control and ownership of data and no third-party involvement. The application is compatible with Android as well as iOS mobile devices.

The entire Tally ERP 9 data gets stored on Google Drive, ensuring data security at the highest level. It means that, unlike market applications that have access to user data, TallyDekho ensures that your data is accessible to authorized users only. That’s why it stands out from competitors and offers more utility and better use cases. 

How to Setup Tally on Mobile?

Downloading tally for mobile is easy and will hardly take a few minutes. If we talk about the benefits of tally, a business person knows what are the uses of tally very well and how it can make the business functions more tailored and efficient. Let’s discuss the step-by-step process to set up Tally on mobile.


Step 1: Download TallyDekho Mobile App

First, download the TallyDekho app from PlayStore. After successfully installing the app, you need to register from your Google Account. TallyDekho uses Google Drive to sync  Tally data, enhancing your financial data security. 

Step 2: Download TallyDekho Desktop App

Next, you need to download the TallyDekho Desktop App. Log into the app using your Google Account. Now you’ll get the option to choose from various companies of Tally ERP 9. 

Step 3: Sync Tally ERP 9 data with the TallyDekho Desktop App

Once you select the company of Tally ERP 9, you’re ready to sync your tally data on TallyDekho Desktop App. The sync happens in real-time, which means whenever any update takes place, the data automatically gets updated, which brings flexibility to your business and makes it change-ready.

Step 4: Scan the QR code on your TallyDekho Mobile App

The last step is to sync the TallyDekho mobile application with your Desktop app. To do so, scan the QR code as shown below. Now you can use tally for business and keep track of everything on the go. 

How to Access Tally ERP 9 Data on Mobile App?

Accessing Tally ERP 9 data on mobile is so simple. Once you’ve set up tally on mobile by following the steps mentioned above, you can access the complete data of the tally on mobile. You can access the following reports to analyze your business strengths and leakages:

  • Outstanding Dues Report
  • Profit & Loss Report
  • Cash Flow Statement
  • Ratio Analysis 
  • Fund Flow Statement
  • Balance Sheet Analysis 
  • Inventory Summary Report
  • Stock Ageing Analysis Report
  • GST Report
  • E-way Bill Reports 

Steps to access GST Report in Tally

To access GST Returns in Tally on mobile, follow below mentioned simple steps:

  • Step 1: Select Display on the Gateway of Tally
  • Step 2: Select the option “Statutory Reports”
  • Step 3: Now select “GST Reports”
  • Step 4: Open the GST Return form you want to view, for ex: GSTR-1

The return is available in both detailed and summary views. It helps you check the correctness of the records and easily file your monthly GST Returns by exporting this data as a JSON file which you can upload online.

Features of the TallyDekho App

When it comes to managing financial data and business information, tally software serves the best for the MSME segment. Maintaining books of accounts and records is crucial for the smooth functioning of business operations. TallyDekho imparts a sound user experience as it makes you hand-free; you don’t need to be available on systems all the time, and the tally data is accessible on mobile. 

Data Sync in Real-time

TallyDekho application is highly compatible with the latest version of tally software Tally ERP 9. The complete data can be synced automatically in real-time; whatever changes take place in the software built, the same gets updated in the data, making your business functions smart and dynamic simultaneously. 

User-Friendly Interface

The interface is very vital, and it should be easy to use. TallyDekho’s user interface is designed per the user preference and how users want to navigate. Simplicity and easy accessibility to every feature are the app’s USPs, making it the best tally app in the market. 

Compatibility with Tally ERP 9 Software 

With the easy syncing of Tally ERP 9 data, TallyDekho provides a user-friendly and easy-to-use dashboard with complete customization, enabling users to conveniently perform tally download for mobile and PC. 

24*7 Email and WhatsApp Support 

The TallyDekho team understands well that users are not always handy when it comes to software and uncertain errors. Thus, a dedicated technical support team is always available for the users to entertain their concerns via WhatsApp, Email, and Phone. 

Analytical Tools like Graphs & Reports 

With the TallyDekho mobile app, you can always watch various figures with detailed insights using graphs and reports. It facilitates easy data analysis through the balance sheet, profit and loss statements, cash flow, fund flow statements, and much more. 


When it comes to security, TallyDekho is the best. You can limit the access as per your preference. For instance, you want the sales manager to access only sales data, so it will be customized this way, ensuring 100% data security and will give accessibility only to whom you want. 

Pricing Plans of the TallyDekho App

Considering the other tally alternatives available in the market, TallyDekho provides the most reasonable tally single-user price and pocket-friendly plans. 


It’s a yearly plan with up to 15% discount. It has a complete customer support package, full access, and single-user accessibility. 


This plan is more economical, with two-year plan validity and a discount of up to 25%. It comes with customer support, single user, and full access. 


It’s a 3-year plan and is most popular among users. It’s the recommended plan if your business data is too complex and you need it all the time. It again comes with a 33% discount, customer support, single user, and full access. 

Benefits of Using the TallyDekho App

Tally is a complete business manager, making it a must-to-have software for every business entity. Moreover, the tally app helps manage and synchronize the business data per changing trends and business environment. Therefore, TallyDekho has set an imperative benchmark for business people.

Benefits of Tally on mobile
Benefits of Tally on mobile

Timely meeting of the payment obligations 

Meeting commitments specifically for outstanding is essential for creating the market credibility of a business. With the TallyDekho app, you can always stay updated and alert about payment due dates and meet your obligations on time.

Watch over sales figures

Sales reports are always needed frequently to keep track of performance and revenue. The TallyDekho app provides a complete sales report per your mentioned date and period, and you can analyze the figures accordingly.

Adjust inventory as per the production and sales figures

An inventory report makes it easy to calculate if the inventory is overstocked or understocked as per the figures retrieved by production and sales reports. Thus, it ensures balanced inventory management.

Track all the necessary financial transactions

With the TallyDekho app, you can keep track of all the necessary financial transactions and get a report of cash’s complete ins and outs. It will indicate the current liquidity status of the business.

Analytical reports and graphs

Tally provides detailed insights into significant business reports like books of accounts, GST reports, P & L Statements, Balance Sheets, and more. The TallyDekho app provides simplified reports in the form of charts, graphs, and tables to make financial analysis easy with better decision-making.

Integrate your business with TallyDekho 

So, there are many benefits and everything right through one application. Features, benefits, and pricing are all in favor of your pocket. In short, it costs you even less than a cup of tea. Streamline your business, get smart reports on the go, make smarter business decisions, and keep the complete Hisaab Ungliyon Pe!

Tally on mobile
Tally on mobile


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