How to increase business productivity with TallyDekho?

How to increase business productivity with TallyDekho?

In the highly dynamic business environment, where technology has created its corner in every dimension, boosting business productivity has become no more rocket science. For conducting day-to-day business operations, numerous specially designed accounting softwares are available, and tally for business is the most popularly adopted one. Since the emergence of tally technology in the market, business owners can conveniently speed up their operations like inventory management, payables & receivables record, reporting, etc.

Talking about the uses of tally in business, we can find numerous benefits of tally software. It brings more transparency and efficiency in business operations and cost-effectiveness and ensures accurate business management. 

Let’s discuss the most popular reasons why you need a tally for business:

Use cases with Tally
Use cases with Tally

Elimination of the manual need for accounts calculation 

Tally software eliminates the need for manually maintaining the accounts’ calculation and lets you record everyday business data of the company. With Tally ERP 9, you can spice up your business productivity with new-age features, easing key accounting functions like management, finance, inventory management, accounting, payables estimation, sale, etc. Also, the GST report in tally is an add-on feature that keeps the business ahead in regulations and new trends. 

Cost-effective solution 

The Tally ERP 9 software is easy to use and can be easily integrated to boost overall business productivity. It’s considered the most cost-effective accounting tool compared to other available alternatives in the market. 

Transparency in day-to-day operations 

Once you get a helping hand for your business, you can virtually access all the financial data on mobile. As a business owner, you can have access to everything anytime, irrespective of whether you’re in the office or outside. Therefore, tally software facilitates transparency in business operations. 

Helps in multiplying business productivity 

Augmenting business productivity is the ultimate goal of any business. Tally helps simplify various functions and lets the crucial matters get the focus, indirectly boosting productivity and improving team performance. 

About TallyDekho App

Tally has created a special place in businesses in every sphere and is known as India’s most reliable and trustworthy accounting software.  Tally ERP 9 software makes accounting functions super easy by generating informative financial reports. Also, you can download tally for business with easy steps.

TallyDekho is a desktop and mobile application that lets users access the reports on their devices by syncing the complete Tally ERP 9 data. It means you can access complete financial data on mobile in just one click, enabling you to maintain your accounting records rightly and perform better decision-making. 

How to Use TallyDekho for Business Productivity

Multiple uses of tally in business help create the corner of better performance and enhance business productivity. TallyDekho App is easy to use and makes your accounting analysis hand-free. You don’t have to be in the office always, as you can keep track of every ins and outs of your inventory, assets, etc., from anywhere. So, if you want to know how to use tally for small business, medium or large scale enterprises, then next you’ll get the answer to it in the following steps. 

Getting a tally for business is the wisest decision to boost productivity.  Let’s discuss how to get started with TallyDekho in 4 simple steps.

Steps to install & get started with TallyDekho

Step 1: Download TallyDekho Mobile App

First, download the TallyDekho app from PlayStore. After installing the app, register using your Google Account. TallyDekho uses Google Drive to sync  Tally data, enhancing your financial data security.

Step 2: Download TallyDekho Desktop App

Next, you need to download the TallyDekho Desktop App. Log into the app using your Google Account. Now you’ll get the option to choose from various companies of Tally ERP 9. 

Step 3: Sync Tally ERP 9 data with the TallyDekho Desktop App

Once you select the company of Tally ERP 9, you’re ready to sync your tally data on TallyDekho Desktop App. The sync happens in real-time, which means whenever any update takes place, the data gets automatically updated, which brings flexibility to your business and makes it change-ready.

Step 4: Scan the QR code on your TallyDekho Mobile App

The last step is to sync the TallyDekho mobile application with your Desktop app. To do so, scan the QR code as shown below. Now you can use tally for business and keep track of everything at your fingertips. 

How TallyDekho helps in increasing business productivity?

There are multiple tally uses, and Tally ERP 9 software is the finest of all other alternatives available. The TallyDekho app takes financial information and uses it analytically to create better reports, increasing business productivity levels on the go.


Customized dashboard

With the customized dashboard, TallyDekho lets you view only the inputs on your priority charts. This will help you in viewing the business inputs with more easy analysis. The tally mobile app is available for all mobile users. Checking and analyzing business details were never this smooth as it has become with Tally ERP 9, making tally for business a must-to-have tool. 

Purchases & Sales

Every business’s success is driven mainly based on purchases and sales made. So, it’s essential to leverage sales and purchases to make your business go in the right direction. With TallyDekho, you can analyze every minute of purchase and sales records with a click on your mobile phone.

Receipts & Payments 

The TallyDekho app lets you have complete access to the business receipts and payment reports for a particular period per your requirement to provide clear-cut visibility about the receipts and payments for efficient management of operations. 

Accounts Receivables & Payables

Receivables refer to the amount that customers owe to your business, and payables refer to the amount that your business owes to the suppliers. Download the tally for the business and keep a check on both accounts, thereby estimating the business’ current asset position.


With the TallyDekho app, view and check the account ledgers of all the companies and suppliers you’re dealing with regularly. Also, you can monitor the ledgers at different time intervals per your requirement.

Inventory Checks

The TallyDekho app offers deep insights into detailed inventory items that come in and go out of business with a complete price analysis. Moreover, the inventory arrival and departure date are also mentioned, stating the inventory quantity left in the business to be sold. You can also understand your business’s current inventory structure and facilitate better decision-making. 


How you meet your payment obligations describes your credibility in the market; thus, it becomes imperative to meet every due timely. Tally on the mobile app lets you accomplish all the payment obligations within your estimated time stipulations without delay. 

Reports & Graphs

TallyDekho provides complete insights into the major reports like the daybook and profit & loss statements for desired financial years on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Make charts and analyze the financial information as per your needs. You can get GST reports in tally and share branded GST invoices with customers


The complete data of your business is synced between your desktop and mobile phone in real-time, which means whatever updates and development would take place, will be automatically reflected in your data, making things super flexible. 

Benefits of Using TallyDekho For Business 

So, talking about the benefits of tally, they are limitless. Tally is the need of every business, and with TallyDekho, recording and managing accounts has become super smooth and convenient. Everything from pricing to technical support, everything is designed considering all the possible needs of the users. 

Benefits of using tally- with TallyDekho
Benefits of using tally- with TallyDekho

Compatible with Tally ERP 9

Using a customizable dashboard, you can conveniently download Tally for business and use it for accounting purposes. TallyDekho mobile app can easily sync the Tally ERP 9 data on your mobile

User-friendly interface

TallyDekho has been designed keeping in mind the needs of users. The app interface is easy to navigate and ensures all the essential information is at your fingertips.

Access all the real-time updated reports of Tally ERP 9 on Mobile

It facilitates data analysis by giving balance sheets, profit & loss statements, daybooks, and cash flow statements in more understandable formats, such as graphs and tables.

With the help of TallyDekho, you can access financial data on the go and make informed decisions for your business’s growth.

256-bit encryption for secure data syncing

TallyDekho’s 256-bit encryption feature ensures that the data is always encrypted to help avoid leakage of information during the transfer. The 256-bit encryption of the information secures the transfer of data and using Google Drive as storage prevents access from any third-party application.

Permission-based access to the users

The TallyDekho mobile app allows you to limit access to specific accounting data. It adds to the security and makes sure that the data is accessible only to those whom you trust.

Branded GST-compliant invoices

TallyDekho allows you to view the GST tally details on mobile and share GST-compliant invoices with your customers. Doing so helps you to manage & follow up on the receivables.

Email and WhatsApp Support

You can get email and WhatsApp support for the TallyDekho app so that your experience of the tally app for mobile is simple and valuable. In case of any problems, the TallyDekho team is just a click away.

Get TallyDekho for your business

TallyDekho has been designed keeping in view all the possible needs of SMEs after numerous consultations with CAs and professionals from financial backgrounds. The app ensures instant data anywhere and provides the finest user experience and sound customer journey experience. 

Whether it’s your accounts or creating a GST report in tally, Tallydekho is compatible with everything that your business could need. With the best in market plan pricing, you get robust and dedicated technical experts you can contact anytime, irrespective of location. 

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